Is This a Good Time to Start a Business

Now is an excellent time to start a business and the many Postal Connections Service Centers can help.

If the long haul of the pandemic has taught us all something, it is this… we can all reinvent ourselves in any way we choose.

And if you are like millions of other folks – sick of your former 9 to 5 office grind – you might just be ready to be your own boss. Even though there are now plenty of empty office spaces you could occupy, you might even be able to work your new idea from home.

No matter what sort of business model appeals to you, every business needs the services that Postal Connections provides.

Start a Business | Business Cards

Start a Business Inexpensively

Not every new business requires a college degree, lots of experience, or pricey equipment. But they all need business cards, stamps, and office supplies. Let us supply your business with an actual business mailbox. We can print your business cards, send your faxes, and even provide you with computer access.

If you are still mulling over various ideas to start a business, here are a few to think about in 2022…

  • House cleaning – If you are a neatnik, you will be pleasantly surprised at how lucrative the cleaning business can be. Busy people need help! Put a notice on Facebook and you will be booked up quickly.
  • Vehicle detailing – No need to open a brick & mortar establishment, just go to the vehicle owner’s home or business and do the work there.
  • Pet walking and pet sitting – Go to the ‘fur-baby’s’ home. The busy pet-parent will be overjoyed to see you.
  • Home tutoring – Remote learning has left many students more confused than ever. If you are good at math, reading, science, playing the piano, English, or any other subject, consider tutoring students in your own home.
  • Own your own Postal Connections store – Postal Connections has a flexible, proven system to offer superior service in shopping malls, high-rise commercial spaces and smaller community free-standing stores. We deliver better value at a lower cost than other franchises. And we help you find the financing too! Take advantage of a rare opportunity to be part of a nationwide, trusted service. Find out how you can become the owner of your own Postal Connections store. Be your own boss – control your own future. Join our family!
Get Customers with Business Cards

Good old-fashioned business basics still work. When you are having lunch at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or chatting with the clerk at the grocery store, work your new business into the conversation and give them your new business card. But first, come to your nearest Postal Connections Service Center and have us print them for you. Now you’re all ready to go!