Post-it® Notes – Sticky Stuff Saves the Day

Back in the day, if you wanted to leave a note on a document for a co-worker or supervisor, you could…

  • Take an ink pen and write something directly on the doc. Bad idea! You shouldn’t deface the doc.
  • Write a note on a little piece of paper and staple it to the doc. A really bad idea! Staples put holes in the doc.
  • Write a note on a little piece of paper and paper-clip it to the doc. Yet another bad idea – paper clips are thicker than paper and make a big lump in file folders.

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Science Rescues the Office Worker by Accident

In 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver, a research chemist with 3M Company, was trying to develop a super-strong adhesive. He accidentally invented a super-weak one instead. His new glue had the unusual characteristic of being able to be peeled up and repositioned without leaving a residue on the document below.

But nobody knew what to do with it.

By sheer coincidence, a colleague of Dr. Silver’s at 3M was a fellow named Art Fry who was a singer in a church choir. Mr. Fry kept losing his place in his hymnal when the bookmarks fell out. In 1974, he remembered Dr. Silver’s glue and tried some on his bookmarks. It worked like a charm! The bookmarks stayed put until he removed them and the glue didn’t hurt the pages.

The sticky notes were originally released in 1977 as ‘Press ‘n Peel’ to marginal success. They were renamed Post-it® Notes and promoted nationwide in 1980. Office workers everywhere LOVED them.

Oh, the yellow color? That was an accident too. The 3M team first developed the product using scrap paper left over at a nearby laboratory.

Post-it® Notes now come in all the colors of the rainbow and in zillions of shapes and sizes. And guess what…

Postal Connections Has Post-it® Notes in Stock!

Not just for making your office life easier – which they do – Post-it® Notes have been used to make works of art like mosaics and even costumes.

So, c’mon in and stock up on this crucial supply. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to supplying you with all the Post-it® Notes you need.

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